Yes it's custom

We believe that furniture isn't just a purchase, but it's also a process. Here at Peter Webb Furniture, we're committed to producing the finest custom made furniture to cater for any space. We design and we build based on your needs and your personalised requests. 

 To show you how we work, take a look at our steel and timber processes:

Steel Process

  1. The steel is delivered in full lengths.
  2. It is then cut down to specified lengths depending on the product being made.
  3. The cut lengths are then bent to the shape or size of product.
  4. The steel pieces are then placed together and welded to form a single piece product.
  5. The steel product is then prepared for powder coating. The product is then placed onto the powder coating chain which slowly progresses to be powder coated in the selected colour, then gradually goes through the oven for the paint to dry.
  6. Once the product comes out from the powder coating oven, it is then ready to be assembled.

Timber Process

  1. Laminate is delivered in full sheets.
  2. It is then cut down to specified shape and size on the panel saw.
  3. The laminate is then sprayed with glue and applied to either mdf or chipboard.
  4. The ABS edging is then applied on the table top through the edge bender.
  5. The table top is then ready for assembly.

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