Open Learning has given rise to a new form of education, where possibilities are limitless.

With the power to eliminate enclosed walls and to create an open space, students are now given the opportunity to take control of their learning, and to explore the many domains of their education as they interactively look forward to a brighter future.

This innovative method allows for a flexible learning environment, in which students can either engage and openly participate in collaboration, or they can find space for quiet reflection. This new form of learning and teaching guarantees each student an essential balance, employing diversity and enthusiasm.

A colourful curriculum is made possible through an open learning space. In this flexible environment, students are exposed to a wide array of subjects in a productive manner that allows them to experiment and to interdependently or independently engage and explore. With so much opportunity at present, students are empowered and encouraged to take the initiative to actively develop at a pace that suits them.

Successfully creating an open learning environment includes a positive array of flexible furniture. Varied furniture in an open space transforms learning from being traditionally structured to becoming modernly exciting. An assortment of multi-purposeful furniture serves to achieve both the completion of a curriculum and the conditioning of an environment that encourages student's capabilities.

To see the potency of this enlightenment, take a look at our video of exemplar school, Bethany Catholic Primary, in admiration of their spectacular open learning system.