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09-Aug-2013Yes it's custom

We believe that furniture isn't just a purchase, but it's also a process. Here at Peter Webb Furniture, we're committed to producing the finest custom made furniture to cater for any space.

09-Aug-2013Add a splash of optimism

Yellow is commonly assimilated with warmth, optimism and joy, but is also scientifically embraced for retaining focus.

09-Aug-2013Add a splash of relaxation

Associated most with nature and growth, the colour green is used to create calmness. Green is a remarkable colour for provoking optimism and relaxation.

09-Aug-2013Add a splash of enthusiasm

Varying factors in a student’s daily life can cause a lack of motivation. Using vivid colours like orange can reduce this, by impelling enthusiasm.

03-Jul-2013Add a splash of creativity

The colour purple is known to alleviate the mind whilst restoring the interchangeable balance of intellect and creativity.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

09-Apr-2013We made learning fun at St Brendan's Primary

St Brendan's Primary School opened in 1891, and first switched to opening learning in 2010 when they assigned us to refurbish their new building.

09-Sep-2009We made learning fun at Bethany Catholic Primary

What first began as an assignment to design and furnish a space in a way unknown to us, became the hard earned realisation we needed to forever create the magic of open learning.

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