We made learning fun at Bethany Catholic Primary

What first began as an assignment to design and furnish a space in a way unknown to us, became the hard earned realisation we needed to forever create the magic of open learning.

This source of inspiration began in 2008 when we achieved our first open learning space at a school called Bethany Catholic Primary. When we were assigned to this project, we were exposed to a new classroom layout called 'open learning'.

Impassioned by this innovative form of education, Vice Principal, Helen Kelly, travelled to Italy, the place where open learning had begun. After vigorous research, we worked in close collaboration with Kelly to discover the benefits of open learning, and to figure out how we could design furniture that allowed for such an environment.

We were faced with a long process filled with meetings, proposals, designs, trials, consultations and extended research, over a span of several months. We persisted after countless designs and samples, until we finally achieved a superb fit. We designed and made a varied range from wave and horseshoe tables, to ottomans and quatro lounges, to facilitate for an innovative atmosphere. We manipulated a vibrant range of colours to complement the practicality of the furniture, and to inspire the setting.

This was the school's first transformation since it's founding in 1995. Not only did the school have new buildings, but they had now adapted a new learning system as well. Our series of designs and productions refurbished the school's new spaces, and established a productive, open learning environment.

This extraordinary project was soon followed by a succession of developments. From 2008 - 2010, we had designed and refurbished the Leadership Centre for Years 5 and 6, the Discovery Centre for Years 1 and 2, and the Exploration Centre.

Today, Bethany Catholic Primary is a leading example for many Victorian schools in creating an open learning space that encourages innovation, productivity and interactive learning. Like Bethany Catholic Primary, many schools are experiencing higher results and greater benefits from open learning spaces that motivate both teaching and learning within the classroom.

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